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Health Care Financing


Investment opportunities being sought
Rapid financing for Health Care related enterprises
$5mm up to $20mm+ now available

Growth Management Ventures is seeking investment opportunities on behalf of Hudson Capital Advisors, LLC [] who has more than $100 million capital under management, and $500 million of additional capital through its relationship with Columbus Nova [].


Company Focus:      






Services to health care providers (e.g., Outsourced Services, IT Software, Case or Disease Management Services, etc.);

Inpatient/Outpatient Care Delivery (e.g., Specialty Hospitals, Surgicenters, IV Infusion, etc.); and

Diagnostic/Therapeutic Services (e.g., diagnostic/referral labs, rehab centers, alternative medicine services, etc.)

For growth / to take advantage of an industry opportunity

For acquisition

For recapitalization

To buy out partners or other investors

Investment Range:      Typically $5 $20 million per deal;
can be higher



Size - Revenue:    

Size - EBITDA:      

At least $10 million (no startups)

At least $2 million (recast)




Growing or seeking to grow; will consider turnaround situations under certain circumstances 



Northeast or Southwest headquarters or location preference   



Strong manager(s) who want to sell part of their company to the right financial partner and stay on, or where one co-owner wants to retire   

Market Share:   


Strong market position or opportunity   
Advantages of working with Growth Management Ventures / Hudson Capital are:


Private equity fund that can respond with a level of interest within 24-48 hours.

We can complete the transaction faster than most larger institutions.

Growth management team available to quickly assess company's potential for growth.

If needed, we have the ability to provide management expertise to increase company value.

If you have an opportunity (or know of one) that fits these criteria, please contact Jim Bond at Growth Management Ventures, LLC -
Office: 805.376.0777; Cell: 805.405.9899; Email:

We also pay finder's fees should your recommendation lead to a funded deal.)




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