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Health Care Financing
Transformational Triad
"Task" Management
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Great strategy with poor execution is ineffectual.

We are in the business of accelerating growth, improving cash flow and solving fundamental problems for our clients - so our approach encompasses both strategy and execution. Besides funding for certain enterprises (see Health Care Financing), when needed we may also provide state-of-the-art consultation, strategy, coaching and business management, to help your organization identify and "implement" critical initiatives. 

Following is a list of the services we offer.


What We Deliver

u Expanding the Capability of Your People

u Accelerating Execution of Your Strategies

u Resolution of Key Business Issues


How We Do It

u Areas of Concentration (see below)

u Transformational Triad

u Proprietary "Tasking Sessions"



    Areas of Concentration...



u   Diagnostics and Assessments

u   Cash Flow Management

u   Business Modeling

u   Functional Alignment

u   Strategic Plan Development

u   Merger, Acquisition, Divestiture


                            MARKETING and SALES

u   Market Expansion

u   Product Development

u   Channel Management

u   Agency Management

u   Customer Service and Support

u   Advertising, PR & Sales Promotion



u   Cost Reduction Programs

u   Performance Metrics

u   Process Improvement

u   Information Management

u   Work Flow Systems

u   Technology Administration


                            HUMAN CAPITAL

u   Succession Planning

u   Performance Management

u   Knowledge Management

u   Skills Development

u   Leadership Development

u   Compliance Training



PowerPoint Presentation


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