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Case - To Accelerate Growth

                                 Accele Electronics

Electronic Components Manufacturer / Distributor, Cerritos, CA
(3-Year Engagement)


Revenues almost tripled in 3 years
   by restructuring sales and operations

Before: $8MM revenues
Before: Low margin commodity selling

After:   Growth to $20MM revenues in three years
After:   Improved margins through higher margin "brands" & profit-based selling


Engaged to accelerate business growth while improving professional skills of senior staff.

An exclusive brand was developed to help transform this company from a seller of commodities to a higher margin distributor of proprietary “branded” products.

The sales force and support team were rebuilt and expanded, using specialized reps and management who were recruited and developed to significantly improve the revenue generation per order. Extensive training was implemented throughout the company, and a "traveling" dealer-training program was created whereby key accounts across the U.S. received specialized training for selling and installation of client products.

Sales compensation was restructured to a profit-based model, significantly boosting margins while increasing regional pricing advantages.

Also, for the first time, inventory management was closely coordinated between buyers and the sales forces, for close alignment between what was being inventoried and what was sold.

Results included restructure of the senior management team and sales force, greatly increased profit margins, improved retention of high-end customers, competitive edge, revenue growth from $8MM to $20MM and even higher percentage profit growth in 3 years. 


"Over the past three years …you helped us:

  • Restructure our sales force

  • Restructure our management team

  • Convert to profit-based compensation for our reps

  • Develop a self-managing sales force

  • Improve the productivity of our production and warehouse

  • Improve inventory management so we sell more of what we have and have more of what we sell, and

  • Improve the skills and capabilities of several key people including our warehouse manager who oversees a major portion of our operations.

I am very pleased…and recommend you to any company wishing to accelerate growth or solve their business problems.”

 Allen Arzoumanian
Accele Electronics





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