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Case - To Accelerate Growth

                                Kenco Construction

Specialty Fire Restoration Construction Company, Glendale, CA
(11-Month Engagement)


Grew stagnant company 16 times its size 
    by creating process to manage growth

Before: Growth stalled at $2MM revenues after 10 years in business

After:   Rapidly grew revenues to $10MM in one year, and $32MM by 3rd year
After:   Formal process used weekly to manage growth-specific initiatives


Engaged to jump-start this stagnant ten-year-old company.

To accelerate achievement of key goals, a weekly meeting was established to closely manage these growth initiatives.

Through this process, senior staff were each assigned critical growth "tasks" and were held accountable to execute some piece each week. By providing skills training (time-management, supervisory-management and project-management), project coaching and peer collaboration, progress and completion of these previously stalled and neglected initiatives were achieved in an accelerated manner. 

Results were dramatic, and included expansion of revenues from $2 million to $10 million in a single year, then more than tripling that by the third year.


helped us keep everyone working together, sticking to their commitments, and focusing on the same targets. 



Paul Hendel

Kenco Construction


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