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Case - To Improve Quality (Competitive Edge)



High End Mid-Size Forms Printer (Banking Forms, etc.), Camarillo, CA
(5-Month Engagement)

Boosted quality to highest in U.S.
   by managing a cultural transformation

Before: Owner wanted to semi-retire but company lacked management depth
Before: Moderate revenue growth - moderate quality performer

After: Became highest-quality small-run forms printer in the United States
                      (as measured by the industry)
After: Revenues increased 50% in the first year alone from highest margin clients
After: Two key internal people were developed to take over running of the business


Engaged to develop management depth and improve quality so that it would become a competitive advantage.

Over five months a weekly strategic meeting was used with all executive and supervisory personnel, that concentrated on changing how the business was run at all levels. The sessions addressed strategic planning, skills development and management of key initiatives.

Results included a 50% revenue increase the first year alone, through the transformation of this “average-quality” forms printer into the highest quality (mid-size run) forms printer in the U.S., (as measured by the industry’s largest forms users and resellers).

Revenues were so significantly impacted because the nation’s major forms buyers had simultaneously decided to reduce their number of suppliers from as many as fifty to as few as three, causing this company to suddenly become the primary supplier to four of the nation’s seven largest forms users – because of its new status as the nation’s best.

Management depth was also greatly expanded throughout the company and two internal managers were identified and developed to oversee all day-to-day operations for the company.


“The most important thing your process has given us is the ability to react fast. It helps us reduce the time it takes to implement new ideas, new products, new processes – to reduce cycle times and accelerate payback on new machinery… [Most significantly] Success almost feeds itself. My people are taking things I’ve been wanting to do, and getting them done. They see the success and want to do more. They’re on a success high all the time, grabbing new products, new projects, etc. If we can keep this thing alive, we can do amazing things with the organization.”


Ron Eisele


BestForms, Inc.



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