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Case - To Improve Multi-Branch Coordination

Wilsey Bennett Company

Specialty Trucking and Logistics Firm, Ventura, CA
(3-Month Engagement)

Boosted inter-branch performance
   by coaching interaction between regions

Before: High error / loss rate (shipping flowers nationally)
Before: Performance inconsistencies at remote branches
Before: Restricted growth from distant regions

After:   Major performance boost for remote branches
After:   Eliminated almost $500,000 of damage, error and insurance costs
After:   Re-established growth from three previously declining regions


Engaged to improve operational performance and management of remote regions.

The process included gathering together of senior management and remote terminal managers for a two-hour session once a week over three months. The facilitated session combined strategy, implementation management and skills development.

Dozens of nagging operational problems were identified and resolved, providing significant financial and operational benefits.

Local and remote terminal managers were able to develop strategic thinking more in sync with senior management as a result of ongoing strategic involvement with senior management.

Also, for the first time, managers of regional shipping centers started regularly communicating with each other on problem solving and territory management issues pertaining to each of their locations. This provided system-wide quality and competitive improvements that significantly expanded the company’s advantage over regional and national competitors.


We now do a really bang up job of deciphering the service failures, so we can protect against them in the future.”



Dave Cuneo
Director, National Operations
Wilsey Bennett Company


“With our shipping terminals so far apart, the process brought us together as a group… Improvements with job-related injuries cut our insurance premium in half, saving $200-$300 per day… Also, working with the dock workers I discovered that it was the wholesalers, not our dock workers, who were causing breakage problems, because they were overstuffing boxes as a result of our (flawed) box-rate policy.”


Steve Knapp

Director, Safety, Maintenance and HR

Wilsey Bennett Company


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