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Case - To Improve Relations & Coordination


Bullhead Community Hospital & Healthcare System

Hospital and Adjacent Nursing Home, Bullhead City, AZ
(5-Month Engagement)

Eased hostile work environment
   by coaching inter-facility projects

Before: Hostile environment within the facility
Before: Lack of cooperation between two nearby facilities

After:  Radical improvements in internal teamwork
After:  Significant reduction in chronic employee turnover
After:  Major revenue & profit improvement from improved inter-facility coordination


Engaged to reduce the hostile relationship within and between an isolated community hospital and its sister long-term-care facility.

A four-month program was developed in which mixed groups of overworked and frustrated senior staff from both facilities (forty people divided into four mixed groups) participated in specialized project-management and skills training sessions, held once a week and rotated between the two facilities.

Through coaching and facilitation, these mixed groups co-identified and co-resolved critical inter- and intra-facility problems, and developed a forum to continue the process into the future.

Results were dramatic, from both a financial and a work-environment standpoint. Previous adversaries were turned into team partners and friends. Dozens of critical problems were resolved or significantly reduced, that had plagued these facilities for years. These included issues pertaining to cost containment, quality, employee turnover, workers compensation costs and claims, insurance cost reduction, and clinical and administrative issues.


“The program brought managers from our two sister facilities closer together, and that was a very important result for us.  What we see is improvement in the working relationships between different people, and it supersedes the individual groups… There was a definite empowerment of the people that came from the program and from our interactions triggered by the program… I am truly grateful.”

Beth Gardner, R.N.

Vice President, Patient Service
Bullhead Community Hospital


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