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Case - To Improve Relations & Coordination

Sikand Engineering

Contract Construction Firm (Housing Developments), Encino, CA
(3-Month Engagement)

Reduced project complications
  by coaching staff to work better together

Before: Combative working environment
Before: Costly errors rampant from poor inter-personal coordination

After:   Significant reduction in rework
After:   Significant quality and cost improvement from improved coordination
After:   Significant improvements in project collaboration
After:   Significantly improved working environment


Engaged to transform embattled, high-pressure construction company into interactive, problem-solving environment.

Three-months of facilitated training and problem solving meetings were used, held once a week.

Participants went from avoiding dealing with problems because they would cause confrontations, to addressing and tackling problems immediately.

Results included immediate and major improvements in work quality, customer satisfaction and morale among the entire workforce.


“Communication really opened up. You put us in a room and made us communicate. The bottom line is a better atmosphere of self respect and pride, where people know you’ll listen… We even set up lunch meetings, where we’d have 8 guys talking back and forth…It was terrific.”

Jerry Price

Vice President of Engineering
Sikand Engineering


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