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Case - To Create Marketing Strategy & Materials


Kornwasser & Friedman

Regional Shopping Center Developer (Price Club Partner), Santa Monica, CA
(3-Month Engagement)

Helped resolve opposition to $½bn project
    by coordinating key project elements

Before: Mayor of Burbank committed to keep Price Club out of major development
Before: Large plot of undeveloped land - without a plan

After:   Plan was created for major shopping center, entertainment, hotel complex
After:   Approval won for Price Club on previously denied property
After:   Approval won to control half of major $500MM annual revenues project


Engaged to help Price Club-financed real estate developer win exclusive rights to build and manage half-billion-dollar “shopping – entertainment – hotel” complex on prime real estate in the City of Burbank, and especially to gain the right to construct a Price Club retail outlet on this important property - countering extensive lobbying by the city’s mayor “against” Price Club.

The process included strategizing and coordinating with architects, developers, consultants, graphic artists, illustrators and city officials to ensure competitive proposals were developed that met the City of Burbank’s complex and changing criteria while overcoming the mayor’s intractable stand against our client.

Our work included assisting with proposal development and creating all technical proposals and promotional materials for this 7th largest mall project in California.

Results included winning the right to build a Price Club on the property and control of “half” the project in coordination with another major developer.

Although the win represented $250MM of annual rental revenues and gained approval for the building of a Price Club on a property clearly earmarked “against” having a Price Club, Sol Price, founder of Price Club passed on the project in protest.





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