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Case - Business Turnaround


Litton Enterprise Solutions

I.T. Services Division of Fortune 500 Company, Woodland Hills, CA
(7-Month Engagement)


Reversed dramatic revenue decline
   by rapidly expanding into new market

Before: Verge of being shut down
Before: Stagnant declining core market

After:   Highest growth in company's history
After:   Became significant player in new growth market


Engaged to manage 7-month restructure of this struggling IT-outsource division of Litton Industries – from the verge of closure in declining core market, to become major player in hot new business sector (“Client Server” IT services).

Using a project management framework  combined with extensive skills training and strategic planning, this old-line service firm was rapidly converted into a competent and nimble player in this fast growing symbiotic marketplace.

Results included restructure of the entire operation, and revenue growth from $6 million to over $30 million in the first year alone – winning, building and running the IT infrastructures and Internet sites for major clients such as Hilton Hotels, Cedars Sinai Hospitals, Premier Radio Networks, Wickes Lumber, etc. 


You brought discipline, forced us to be focused, and brought ideas to the table we wouldn’t have thought of, such as all the businesses we could be in.  You also made us recognize, as painful as it was, that we were not operating as a team.  Working with you got us going down the same road together, so the communication lines really opened up… Most of the growth we’re seeing is related to the client server area you helped us develop, so this process has been important.”

Tom Patterson

Litton Enterprise Solutions


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