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Case - To Accelerate Growth

Legal and Financial Services

Legal and Financial Services Firm, Southern California
(2-Year Engagement)


Rapidly quadrupled revenues & profits 
  by building a national sales organization

Before: Small regional player with in-house sales less than $2MM
Before: Lack of integrated strategy or vision for growth

After:   Became national player with revenues quadrupled in two years
After:   National sales force of more than 400 legal & professional service providers
After:   Four separate financial and legal-service entities cross-selling through one
             integrated sales channel


To integrate client's living trust and financial services practices, this engagement included developing and managing marketing strategies, positioning, and implementation for this $2 million financial services company.

A national sales strategy was developed and implemented based on using law firms to sell and deliver trust documents, recruiting more than 400 attorneys, and other professionals nationally to distribute these products.

To effectively implement the strategy, a tool kit was developed for selling that included an instructional video and infomercial, to support client's hotel lecture-oriented sales campaigns. A training institute was also established so that legal professionals and others could learn estate planning more effectively, and a national book tour was coordinated in support of a second, revised edition of client's national best seller.

To maintain sales momentum, revenue streams and product quality, institute workshops were sold to certify these professionals as "qualified" distributors in administering and selling living trust services. These law firms were also consulted with regarding their marketing of estate planning services, and integrated additional services were added to client's portfolio, such as insurance and investments, to further increase revenues per distributor.

This created a single source network for "distributors" who could now fully plan their clients' estates and administer them. To rapidly roll out this program, a sales manager and marketing staff were recruited and developed.

Results included dramatic revenue increases and establishment of a national distribution network for client's expanded base of products, within two years.




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