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Case - To Accelerate Product Development


Telematics International

High Tech Manufacturer, Calabasas, CA
(4-Month Engagement)

Cut product development time in half
   by coordinated R&D, production & sales


Before: Slow complicated R&D process
Before: Consistently late to market with new products

After:   Cut R&D time almost in half, for development of new products
After:   Generated two major new products in 4 months vs 2-year previous timetable


Engaged to reduce cycle time for development of new products by improving interaction between R&D and other departments, particularly with production departments.

Over a four month period a facilitated “concurrent engineering” process was used, where key R&D and production personnel were managed through a combined strategy implementation meeting conducted weekly.

By holding people accountable for key department tasks in open sessions, speed of execution was greatly accelerated for key projects, while improving coordination and reducing barriers between these isolated departments.

Once inter-departmental barriers were removed, interaction with sales and marketing personnel was initiated to improve the development process further.

Results included an across-the-board reduction in R&D time by almost half within one year, with two new products developed in just four months rather than the minimum two-year cycle previously typical for this company. 


Two different groups became a team, and they now come to solutions quicker…and it spills out beyond the group to other parts of the company.”

Anita Pawlak
Director, Western Operations and Support
Telematics International, Inc.

They now work together willingly, without excuses. This allows us to tune processes before going into high (production) volumes.”


Otto Horak

Director, Hardware Engineering

Telematics International, Inc.


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