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Case - To Hold People Accountable to Goals



The World's Largest Biotech Company, Thousand Oaks, CA
(11-Month Engagement)

Improved project management
   by coaching staff thru complex projects

Before: Company culture prevented formalizing of procedures
Before: Excessive costs from periodic repetition of errors and coordination problems
Before: Unclear company direction following completion of worldwide expansion

After: Established systematic processes for management of complex initiatives
After: More than $5MM direct cost savings from new project development initiatives
After: Senior management decided to establish new vision for the company


Engaged to improve key skills, project coordination, inter-group and inter-personal collaboration, and problem solving for high-level business development personnel.

Over eleven months, several groups comprised of key people from multiple departments were facilitated through weekly sessions that concentrated on personal accountability, team-development and project-completion.

Results included significant improvements in teamwork and greatly accelerated project completion, especially for complex business initiatives. More than $5 million of direct cost savings were attributed to initiatives managed through this process, with countless additional millions from new methodologies that were implemented.

Also, executive management determined through structural and morale issues with senior management that were uncovered through our process, the need for a newly established company vision to address the next-level direction for development of the company.














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