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Transformational Triad

Proprietary "Tasking" Sessions
to Accelerate Goal Achievement

What if your company could execute bigger goals "faster" than ever before - without burning out your people?

Sound incredible?  Our "Task Management" process delivers a simple, powerful way to get your people tackling "bigger" goals, finishing them ahead of schedule, and improving morale at the same time!  Developed over more than fourteen years, this powerful process has helped more than a hundred thirty companies achieve dramatically higher results - from high tech companies to low tech, Fortune 500 Companies to small regional firms.  See our Client List and Case Studies sections for examples.


Transform  your  existing  company
 into a rapidly expanding enterprise.

Our proprietary "Tasking Sessions"
will  Expand  the  Capability of  your
people  and  Accelerate   Execution
   of your strategies.                          




For two hours per week we facilitate a meeting on your premises with your key people, where they move important initiatives forward, identify "blockages" at your company, and improve the effectiveness of each person in the group and on their team.

Each session concentrates on:

  • Tangible “Tasks”:  Everyone is assigned a real 3-month "stretch" project that is critical to one of your organizational goals.

  • Execution:  This is not theory but “implementation”. Everyone is responsible for delivering a tangible piece of his or her “task” each week.

  • Collaboration:  Everyone develops a plan that is presented to the group, and provides a weekly progress report for collaborative interaction.

  • Uncovering Issues: Company-wide issues and opportunities are identified weekly.

  • Skills Development:  "Application-based" training is a key part of this process, strengthening everyone's core skills in:

    • Stretching "beyond" his or her current limits,

    • Meeting commitments,

    • Making decisions,

    • Solving problems,

    • Spending more time in high payoff activities,

    • Developing subordinates and delegation, and

    • Communication.

  • Expanded Involvement:  Communication clinics, feedback systems, town-hall meetings and inter-departmental problem-solving teams are used to bring "tasks" and skills to other parts of your company.



This is a powerful, people-friendly way to "accelerate" your company's results. Crucial elements are:

  • Spaced Repetition:  This is not a one-time workshop. Every week "real" actions are taken by your people to move "stretch" projects forward, with feedback and collaboration from peers and management regarding important company issues.

  • Proven Format:  Each session follows a proprietary format. Developed over fourteen years by our PhDs in Organizational Development and Psychology, and senior executives from Ernst & Young, McKinsey, Xerox and Cap Gemini, and through application at dozens of small regional and Fortune 500 Companies.

  • "Real" Tasks: Each weekly session revolves around multiple inter-department “tasks” pertaining to your company's important initiatives.

  • Personal Accountability: These are action-based sessions concentrating on personal accountability and follow-through.

  • Collaborative Groups: Group size is typically five to twelve participants, maximizing personal interaction and collaboration while keeping sessions succinct.

  • Role Modeling:  By design, this powerful collaborative process provides a behavioral model that spills out beyond the participants to the rest of the organization.









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