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Case - To Accelerate Growth

Aluminum Case Manufacturer

Aluminum Case Manufacturer - Division of Major Company, So. California
(18-Month Engagement)

Expanded distribution to 33 countries
    while developing major new products


Before: International revenues represented less than 10% of total sales
Before: Unproductive long-term rep contracts
Before: Grey market activity was confusing the market

After:   Dramatic increase in revenues and profits
After:   Expanded international revenues to 48% of total sales in two years
After:   Product availability expanded to 33 countries
After:   Major new channels established through strategic partnerships
After:   Distribution expanded to diverse new markets


A comprehensive expansion strategy was developed and implemented.

For distribution, domestic sales were supervised while distributors and rep organizations in 7 initial countries were signed, expanding to 33 countries over two years. Domestic and international territories were realigned to maximize performance and geographical coverage. Also, collateral materials with diverse messages were created for use in diverse international cultures.

For production, existing production molds and manufacturing capabilities were leveraged to significantly expand product lines with virtually no cost, including the creation of new high margin fashion lines for women and men.

For international marketing, a direct marketing campaign was developed that targeted former buyers;  image video was produced for point of purchase displays in Asia; a "pricing parity matrix" was created to minimize gray market opportunities; a European based warehouse was established with local currency pricing to raise sales; and a rep selection decision-tool was developed to improve the rep-selection process.

For expanded promotion, several major Hollywood motion pictures and leading fashion publications were enticed to prominently feature client's products, causing these items to become high-margin fashion icons in their targeted industries.

Results included dramatic growth of revenues and profits, with international business increasing from 8% to 48% of total revenues in 2 years.








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