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Case - To Hold People Accountable to Goals

Kennedy / Jenks Consulting Engineers

Civil Engineering Consulting Firm, Ventura, CA
(6-Month Engagement)

Boosted branch output
   by closely managing staff progress

Before: Moderate growth
Before: Moderate performance among 5 regional divisions

After:   Highest revenue growth in history of company
After:   In 2 yrs - generated higher revenue & profit than 4 other regions combined


Engaged to improve performance of regional engineering office and its production and marketing personnel.

A weekly strategic management and skill development meeting was used with senior staff over six months, concentrating on improving accountability and performance of each region and each key person.

Results included turning this 35-person regional office into the primary revenue and profit source for their entire five-region engineering company, delivering higher revenues and profits than the other four (comparable) regions combined.


Absolutely useful in helping focus our region’s direction on a person-by-person basis.” 



Kim Tanner
Vice President



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