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Case - To Hold People Accountable to Goals

Lear Astronics

Aerospace and Aircraft Products Manufacturer, Santa Monica, CA
(1-Year Engagement)

Improved execution of complex projects
   by coaching inter-departmental teams

Before: ERP computer integration project stalled for 2 1/2 years
Before: Market for new product suddenly dried up due to government budget cuts

After:   Previously stalled ERP project implemented and completed in seven months
After:   Abandoned product grown from $0 to $40MM in one year


Engaged to improve inter- and intra-departmental effectiveness while jump-starting and executing stalled initiatives throughout the organization.

Over a one-year period, strategic initiatives were developed and managed for several product divisions, an inter-departmental team and the IT department.

For each group, key tasks were identified and assigned to director-level, supervisory and operational personnel throughout the organization. Then a weekly project-management and skill development session was used over several months for each group to manage the implementation of all initiatives and improve participants' skills in such key areas as time management, supervisory skills, decision making, problem solving, meeting commitments, communication and  interpersonal skills.

Results included completion of an ERP integration that had been previously stalled for two years, achievement of numerous critical initiatives including the highly successful product launch of a previously abandoned product, and increased problem solving speed, especially where multi-department interaction was required.


…forced my people to stretch, to try new things out of their comfort zone.”


Kathleen Gallavan
Director, Management Information Systems

Lear Astronics

“…enabled communication bridges to be built…within 6 weeks the initial unit had reached a level of ‘intra’ communication that had not existed prior to the program.”



Bern Lefson
Vice President of Human Resources
Lear Astronics




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