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Case - To Hold People Accountable to Goals


Paragon Precision

Specialty Manufacturer, Simi, CA
(4-Month Engagement)

Improved project completion
   by coaching staff thru stalled projects

Before: Stalled ISO-9000 implementation (almost two years)
Before: Poor execution of strategic initiatives

After:   One year completion of previously stalled ISO-9000 certification
After:   Transformed company into identifier and achiever of strategic initiatives


Engaged to improve effectiveness of management and key personnel in completion of strategic initiatives.

A weekly project-management and skill development session was used over four months for executives and key staff.

Results included one-year completion of previously stalled ISO 9000 deployment. Also, company focus was shifted away from merely completing work and onto identifying and completing complex strategic initiatives.


“What intrigued me was the process draws our teams together to work on tasks that help our company move forward on long range goals… setting bite sized pieces, using the team setting and peer pressure to force everyone to make progress… To me, working on the tasks gets our key people committed over and above the normal things they do, and that’s valuable.”


Larry Smith

Paragon Precision Product


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