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Investor Services


Case Studies

Do you have a portfolio company that is under-performing or a poor fit?


We provide Investors with three options:

1. Use our services:

If you want to increase the asset value and exit opportunity for one of your portfolio companies, we can provide a full array of diagnostic and management services designed to improve your returns and increase your options. See our Services section for more details.  




2. Use Our Principals to Run your Portfolio Company:

Under certain conditions, having “investor-friendly” management can provide a greater emphasis on your priorities. We understand your need for successful exit, high valuation, and attractive packaging for potential buyers. Our proven tools are effective and efficient to help investors achieve these objectives. See our Services and Case Studies sections, then call or email us for a private presentation in your offices.




3. Let Us Acquire Control of your Portfolio Company:

Under certain conditions, GMV may acquire all or part of certain companies or entities that meet our acquisition criteria. Call or email us to set up a meeting where we can meet with you to discuss the specifics of your particular situation. See our Contact section for details.






   Proprietary Process

 Transform  your  existing  company
 into a rapidly expanding enterprise.


 Our  proprietary Tasking Sessions
will  Expand  the  Capability of your
 people and Accelerate Execution
 of your strategies.

                  Learn more...



                   TRIAD ™

The Next Big Thing
      Beyond fancy theories,
      now you can accelerate
      growth by transforming
      three primary elements 
      at your company.

            Learn more...




OUR TRACK RECORD (selected case study examples):


Cost Reduction

aggressively  lower overhead costs

   · Gannett

   · Ellis Paint


Better Product

dramatically improve user satisfaction 

   · Sikand

   · Tenet



Better Clients

improve retention of high-margin customers

   · Accele

   · BestForms


New Markets

accelerate entry into hot new markets

   · Litton

   · Alum. Cases


New Products

accelerate development of new products

  · Telematics

  · Alum. Cases


Staff Retention

turnover of
key personnel

    · Bullhead

    · OneCentral



Higher Output

improve performance of depts & people

    · Kennedy

    · Lear



Wider Distribut.

expand sales   force & interna- tional distribution

 · Alum. Case

 · Legal/Finance


Projects Done

accelerate completion of key projects

    · Kenco

    · Paragon


Branch Output

improve output   & coordination   of branches

    · Wilsey

    · Bullhead

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